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 Заглавие: Rover 825 part relation
МнениеПубликувано на: Пон Юни 17, 2013 2:18 pm 

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Кола: Rover 825 KV6

Well, it is so glad for me to see there are enthusiasts of this great car all around the world. I am a Spanish boy who had a 1998 Rover 800 Sterling, with KV6 engine until 2010, and by today I still have dreams with it... I want to help you in order to find parts, that is why I write this post, written in British forums as well. If you need sth, please, let me know in "formigal@gmail.com".

FHR10010ANV - Analog clock

KKU104740 - Engine bracket plate (timing cover)

LBH100130 - KV6 Engine upper cover

LDF106080 - Full cylinder head X 2

LDR102530 - Front head plastic cover with ROVER word

LDR102960 - Front head cover with oil filler

LGC106110 - Inlet camshaft (suitable for front and rear head)

LGC106120 - Exhaust camshaft (just for front head due to CPS plastic ring)

LHB101110 - Front timing pulley x 1

LHB101630 - Timing belt tensioner (the one hold by hydraulic tensioner)

LHG100400 - Auxiliary belt main gear - Damper

LHH100500 - Crankshaft gear timing belt drive

LHP100610 - Timing belt tensioner (hydraulic)

LJJ100401 - Timing backplate assy. lower rear

LJR102941 - Timing backplate assy. upper rear

LKB107110 - Inlet manifold assy. Right one

LKB107120 - Inlet manifold assy. Left one

LKC101610 - Front exhaust manifold

LQC000040 - Black oil cap

LQN100650 - Oil dipstick tube

LYP101080 - Screw and washer - Rear timing pulleys to camshafts X 2

********* - Full plenum, inlet manifold with VIS, MAP, etc

MAP100930 - Fuel regulator vacuum pipe

MHB101640 - Throttle body with cruise control system

MHK100600 - Manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP)

MHN100130 - Injector clips X 12

MJN100610 - Fuel rail with both underbonet fuel pipes X 2

MJY100390 - Injectors X 18 (6 of them are almost new, half moth of use)

MKC103991 - ECU 825 KV6 Sterling Automatic AirConditioned S.N. 255960

NAD100730 - Engine starter (KV6 automatic)

NEC10047EVA - Coil pack (+1 new extra coil, 4 coils in total)

NGC102800EVA - Spark plug wires (Coils to spark plugs)

PCF10035 - Coolant expansion tank X 2

PCH112260EVA - Coolant hose, thermostat to rail and heater unit

PCH112270EVA - Coolant upper hose, engine to radiator

PCH112290 EVA - Coolant hose, ATF cooler to thermostat

PCH112630EVA - Coolant pipe, T piece (including this) to expansion tank

PEH100920EVA - Coolant hose, manifolds to T piece

PEM101050 - Coolant thermostat X 1

PEP101970 - Coolant pipe assy. Pump to thermostat

PEP103270 - Coolant pipe assy. Block out

PGF100730 - Fan, radiator / AC condenser LH

PHB101870 - Air cleaner full system

PQG100142 - PoliV tensioner

PQR100780 - PoliV belt idler pulley

PQR101110 - Power assisted steering pump pulley

PQS101210EVA - PoliV belt X 2

PQU100170 - PoliV belt idler pulley bracket, on timing plate

QFX100140 - Power assisted steering DOT reservoir

QVB100850 - Power assisted steering pump

SCB100140 - Cruise control electronic control

SCB100150 - Cruise control main relay

SCC100030 - Cruise control vacuum actuator

SCH100080 - Cruise control vacuum actuator to throttle body hose

SRB100530 - ABS hydraulics modulator

TGG100060 - Automatic gearbox Jatco JF403E dipstick

WAM4243 - Crankshaft bolt with washer

YLE101800 - Alternator

YLU101350 - Alternator bracket mounting

I think it is all, but ask me if you need anything, I could have forgotten some parts like relays, wires, switches, coolant hoses and pipes, PAS pipes... I have also green carpets, air ducts... Fans relay as well.

I like thinking of my parts being used by Rover enthusiasts!

This was my 800, being taken for the scrapyard (before I got off all that parts!):



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